JK & Ravindra Automobiles also provides Purchase & Sale of Old vehicle from end customers. This facility is certified by TATA Motors by its brand name TATA OK.

TATA OK certify the vehicle to be in condition, repaired under TATA Motors guidelines, Refurbished as per standard rules. TATA OK provides warranty to its certified vehicles.

All the vehicles before getting TATA OK certification, go through a repair procedure. It ensures vehicles to be fit for resale.

Benefits of TATA OK-

  • An organized pre-owned vehicles business from Tata Motors which is into buying and resale of preowned vehicles (complete range of trucks & buses by Tata Motors)
  • Tata OK is involved at each stage i.e pre-owned vehicle sourcing & buying, valuation, refurbishment and sale of refurbished vehicles
  • Offering Warranty backed certified pre-owned vehicles
  • Reducing the involvement of unorganised players & brokers hence provide superior customer experience and value

TATA OK provides genuine market value rates to the sellers of vehicle and insures buyers with registered vehicles. These vehicles are low in cost & affordable to the buyers.
Vehicles which are sold by us with TATA OK brand names- TATA IRISH, TATA ZIP, TATA Magic, TATA Ace, 207
All the guidelines under TATA OK is governed by TATA Motors Ltd.