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JK &Ravindra Automobiles believe in customer satisfaction. We believe that the satisfaction could be only gained with Genuine Parts & Lubricants.  We understand that today Castrol India Ltd has much customer satisfaction.

It has been our objective and our endeavour to introduce high quality lubricants and coolants time and again for the benefit of esteemed customers like you. These quality lubricants are of superior quality and are rigorously tested at our Engineering Research Centre, Pune. Use of the same in your vehicles ensures superior engine and other aggregate performance and enhances its life.
We have tied up with M/s Castrol India Ltd

We are hard believer that Castrol India Ltd regains our much customer satisfaction with it quality of Lubricant. Thus we are associated with Genuine Castrol India Ltd Lubricant approved brand of TATA Motors Ltd. From numbers of years we are achieving our targets of Lubricant Sale, because of the believe Customers have with Castrol.
Today TATA Motors Ltd have approved special grades of Lubricants for better performance of vehicles.

Castrol RX Super

Castrol RX Super Plus

Castrol RX SUper Max

Castrol RX Super Turbo